Brandys Just Do It Mya Way
AKA "Nike"

Whelped Jule 11, 2008
Dam: Ch Brandys Faith In Mya's Legacy
Sire: Kesa N Whitsend's Best Budy

Nike is the great granddaughter of my foundation bitch Mya.

She is a combination of her mother and her grandmother as far as build and attitude. She looks a lot like her mother and grandmother except she has a tiny bit of white on her throat, but she has her mothers attitude.

She has lots to say and loves to try and make you do what it is she wants. Nike and I have decided she is going to be my very first dog to show. At this point I think she knows a lot more about showing than I do but we are slowly getting our act together.

As of October 2009 we have 5 points towards her Canadian Championship and we have finished her International Championship together. Nike is certainly very strong willed little girl but she is also a very sweet and loving girl as well.