We offer 9 runs for our clients, which offer inside and outside access to each dog. They have the freedom to come in and out all day long as they chose!

The outside area of each run is patio stones to make clean up and sanitizing easier. Inside the dogs have ceramic tiles which again makes keeping things clean and sanitary easier. This kennel is heated during the winter and has air conditioning during the summer.

We keep our kennel small to allow us to get to know each of our clients that stay here and understand their individual personalities and needs. Some special needs care can be provided to your family member.

Each guest here must be up to date on all their shots including kennel cough and proof must be provided before the dogs stay. We ask that you bring your own dog food so there is no chance of your dog getting an upset tummy with a change of food. We provide the bedding, and all feeding bowls and pails. The kennel does offer radio and TV for our guests enjoyment.

Reservations are required.