A properly groomed cocker spaniel is truly beautiful. Recommended is 4 to 6 weeks grooming schedule. But nails require more frequent maintenance and the ears should be cleaned weekley. This article will give you some advice to groom your cocker as a pet. Most of the salons for dogs are not in a position to groom the show. If you need to groom your cocker for competition, ask your breeder.

For a regular grooming session four steps are recommended:

  1. Ear Care
  2. The brushing and the bath
  3. Nail Care
  4. The clipping

Clean the ears

Like most long-eared breeds, Cockers are prone to ear infection. Trim excess hair from the ear canals. Keep their ear cleaned by using a commercial ear-cleaning solution.

The brushing and the bath

Begin with a clean and mat-free cocker. Brush the coat with a slicker brush. Use one or two shampoo, finish with a conditionner. If you hit tangles, use a slicker brush to work from the ends of the hair to roots Rinse well all product. A cocker that is clean will be easier to maintain. The dog must be completly dry before going to the clipping step.

Nail Care

Nails will require frequent trimming. Cut the nail as close to te quick as possible.

The clipping

Grooming the face

Using a # 10 blade on your clipper, clean the face against the grain on the jawbone and cheeks.

Clean all hair off the lower jaw. Stretch the lower lip back and clean the flews of the lip.

Make a reverse V in the stop. Clip the top of the nose and under the eyes.

Trim the back of the head, starting slighly forward from where the ears set on, and blend this to the neck.

Ears are clipped with the same blade. Hair is clipped either up or down to remove hair. About one-third the length of the ear is removed.

Give the head a natural topknot with the thinning shears.

Grooming the body, legs, and feet

It is common in a pet clip to use the #7F blade down the cocker spaniel's back, blending in the sides to the top of the rib and cleaning up the tail. However, for a more natural look and for a show dog, thinning the hair to blend from the top of the neck, down the back, blending over the ribs and croup to the tail, is a must.

Use the stripping knife to do your cocker'a back. Clip the body and the tail using a #7F blade. Always go in the same direction of hair growth, gradually blending with the side.

Use the thinning shears to shorter the hair on the side of the body and the legs for a puppy cut. Your cocker will be easier to maintain.

Trim the hair between the foot pads. While he stands still, hold the dog’s foot and trim the hair until it creates a bell look.

You are done, until the next grooming time and bonding time with your cocker.

You have the life of your cocker to practice and bond with him